Skateboarding Dreams Are Big In Tanzania

Written By Augustine Rutasingwa | First Published in 2013

Like a Sun, Skating in Africa-shine, Sun shine in Tanzania. A country located at the Eastern Part of the second largest continent in the world. Tanzania is the beautiful country, her citizen are of more welcoming face…and above all we live well despite of being poor, mostly we like and care each other. We are proud of our country and real I am proud of being born Tanzania, we have many resources, National Parks and Game reserves, Lakes and Rivers…above all is Mt.Kilimanjaro: The largest and highest mountain in Africa . Welcome Africa, Welcome Tanzania.

In our country there are many people who participate in various sports and games. Most of people like Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, Swimming, Dart…but Skating-Only few .Skating include rollers and skateboards both are not well and popularly known. Some of us we are proud of Skateboarding. At first the game was practiced in Dar-es-saalam and later spread to various regions including Dodoma, Arusha, Mwanza, Tanga, and even in Zanzibar Islands. We dream Big In Skateboarding to make us active and healthier. Skating unit and assemble many youths and Children as we share our time Instead of being Idol.

In supporting Ourself we start Organizing different clubs in various regions. Tanzania Skateboarding Miracle was born also for this purpose and our base is in Dodoma-Tanzania. Our main objective is to encourage young skaters in Dodoma, so as to grow learning new tricks as possible as we can.  We also search and try to hear from other skaters in our beloved country-Tanzania. Also we use our time together on discussing various social issues, and we share what we know. Simply, Tanzania Skateboarding Miracle we dream big in Skating. Our Motto is: WE DO IT BECAUSE WE HAVE TO DO IT.

In Tanzania there was only one skate park and it was known as Funnky Skate Park. This park was found in Dar-es-saalam, but unfortunately it was later turned into a swimming pool. For this reason, skaters of that region have a difficult time to improve their talents. Other regions lacks skate parks, basically, Tanzania`s Skaters have a very bad situation on training the game and that many are not even interested to join us. Many skate parks should be constructed in Tanzania so as to save many who are at the risk of interact with bad peer groups and especially Children. Many skates roughly across the streets, roads and wherever it seems for them to be possible-very dangerous. We love the game so much and that we keep do it no matter what happen to us! The turning of the skate park into a swimming pool in Dar, has affect many in that region who at first we hoping to improve and do skateboarding no matter what. Many skaters just like me, we can not afford to buy the skateboarding set and thus many lacks  Skateboards, safety guards, skate shoes, and this is great problem; many skate with barefeet-how amazing it is! What we dream is that one day many skate parks will be constructed in Tanzania especially to the areas near children thus around the schools, churches and in some streets. Welcome Tanzania to join hand with Tanzania Skateboarding Miracle(TSM), so that we may work together and turn the Big Dream into reality. Tanzania Skateboarding Miracle, Forever Forward! We shall never turn back, we dream Big to the future-tomorrow.

In Dodoma the situation is contrary different compared with other regions in our country Tanzania. But still we need advice and encouragement, support and power so as to reach our goals. A Germany based organization, Skate-Aid in association with Don Bosco Centre have build for us Dodoma Skaters: a skate park known as Don Bosco Skate Park. The park is about Six(6) Kilometers from the city centre. This is the only active Park in the country; there is no any other concrete skate park that is active elsewhere in the country. We keep learning tricks and that we hope that we shall increase our skating skills.

Together we work and welcome many Children who wish and dream Big in skateboarding, we encourage them to try new tricks for them and keep practicing. We do It because we have to do it, give us power and motivate us on doing what is right on supporting the game and the group at large. We do not count how many times we fail and fall, we do not count on failures but we consider our accomplishments and what we real do! Evening after skating clas we discuss the challenges and achievements that we have. But still  WE DREAM BIG IN SKATEBOARDING, so that TSM we may extend our wings and fly all over the county. We wish to bring together Children and youths just like me in various regions through this game and save them from great risk of interact with bad peer groups as finally they will end into the middle of Why questions. Skateboarding is more than a game, it is the wonderful thing that we love. Dodoma skateboarders we hope that there are so much we shall have, and we keep ride the boards no matter what! TSM we shall never cease.
We face many challenges and that we work hard on solving them but some are above our mighty, and we can not walk alone…we need you! Skateboarding is not a burden and freely we are ready to push the game forward in the country and If God wish in other countries in Africa. Many start skating and later they quit as we benefit nothing but for the love we have; TSM we shall never quit. In pushing the game forward we need to have support from any Individual, or association. Tanzania Skateboarding Miracle we wish to have the following;

  • Skateboarding sets and safety guards
  • Skate shoes, clothes and helmets
  • Digital Camera, Computers and Reliable Internet Connectivity.

Above all, since skating in Tanzania is at root stage…no any Individual, Company and Organization that have invest in skateboarding. Financially, TSM we are nothing and together we need support so that we can push skateboarding in Tanzania. Tanzania Skateboarding Miracle we shall never turn back, TSM IS ALIVE I ASSURE YOU!

Currently we extend our wings online by connecting ourselves with other skaters in the country, Africa and all over the world. We introduce ourselves to many social organizations. Individuals, and media so as to grow faster. Our Big dream is that, Skateboarding one day is going to be on top! When we compare ourselves with other skaters in East Africa, we have a great journey to travel. Skaters in Uganda through Uganda Skateboarding Miracle and Skaters in Kenya though Skateboarding Society of Kenya both we have delightful achievements, that also we dream to have!

We welcome any person, club, group, association, skaters, and organization to work with us in improving and rise skateboarding in Tanzania. We need to let young stars to enjoy skateboarding and studies together. It will not be fair If not thank Skate-Aid for their valuable contribution for what they did for us, and also they always advice us and encourage us. Remarkable thanks should go to Don Bosco Congregation who freely  provide the place for Skate-Aid, and build a skate park. Also we wish to that our sister Heike Muller for her support and currently she work at Xsportsisters Magazine, and she is the one who freely accept to publish this Article-and here you read It! So if you think on support us do not hesitate to contact us on the below address. Tanzania Skateboarding  Miracle we need much since we dream and wish to give much to those who will need from us…Welcome Africa, welcome Tanzania. Thank you very much dear fans and skateboarding supporters!


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