Skateshops Review | Doyen Skate Shop Zambia

Written By Headquarter

Doyen Skate Shop from Lusaka, Zambia promotes underground talents and empower the youth to pass on skateboarding to the next generation . Striving to move skateboarding and all other extreme sports from an underground and unrecognized perspective to one that is recognized and respected by Zambian community, Africa and the whole World.Setting a good example to the community that sports can keep away our beloved ones from bad vices such as drugs, alcohol, theft just to mention a few. Believing in a drug free sport and community services.

Doyen Skate Shop hosts different events such as Back to School, Halloween Festival, and so many others which helps Zambian skaters to grow their talents. Most of their events are sponsored by Mountain Dew Brand in Zambia.

Also Doyen Skate Shop sponsors best Zambian Skateboarders including Innocent Sichande who represented Zambia together with other skateboarders at World Skateboarding Championships, THE KDC 2015 where they competed for Africa Street Skateboarding Championship Title.

Doyen Skate Shop supplies and sell all skate facilities such as decks, trucks, wheels, bearing, and so many other. You can take a look on their website by clicking the link below.


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