Day: October 24, 2015

Skate Life at The Port, A talk with Dewald.

Written By Headquarter ASD: Can you tell the world about yourself and what you do? Dewald: Yes, I'm a proud Skateboarder, am 17 years old and I started skateboarding 3 years ago and love talking about what I do. I want to inspire kids to skate and those who don't know so much about it ...


Kitintale Skatepark | The First Park In East Africa

Written By Sedrick Kidiima | Headquarter April 2006: Jackson Mubiru and a South African friend called Shael Swart build Uganda’s first and only skateboard ramp in Kitintale, Kampala with locally made bricks. Jack’s family supplies the land and a department store donates two skateboards to the ramp. July 2006: Jack meets a Canadian filmmaker and ...

Interviews | Christophe duguesclin – Mauritius

Written By Headquarter | Credits Goes to PO!! Distribution, Ms. Melody, and Street Celebrity Tour ASD: Hi, Whats your name man? Christophe: Christophe Duguesclin ASD: Yeah Christophe which country are you repping on sk8? Christophe: Mauritius ASD: What is happening there in Mauritius? do you have a nickname? Christophe: Hmm just christophe .. ASD: How ...