Interviews | Christophe duguesclin – Mauritius

Written By Headquarter | Credits Goes to PO!! Distribution, Ms. Melody, and Street Celebrity Tour


ASD: Hi, Whats your name man?

Christophe: Christophe Duguesclin

ASD: Yeah Christophe which country are you repping on sk8?

Christophe: Mauritius

ASD: What is happening there in Mauritius? do you have a nickname?

Christophe: Hmm just christophe ..

ASD: How is skateboarding in Mauritius?

Christophe: The only place where we skate is on the street as the only skatepark that we had in Mauritius was destroyed.

ASD: So sorry to hear that!!! Who destroyed the park then? And why did they put down your skatepark?

Christophe: The skatepark was for a lady who lives in South Africa. She came to Mauritius and built a skate park. It worked for 2 years and then the area she was renting for the skatepark didn’t allow her to stay longer.

ASD: That is very sad!!! Do you know her name, we would like to Interview her on this matter. What was the name of the skatepark?

Christophe: UrbanX skatepark and her name is Melody Tuson.

ASD: So sorry UrbanX you had to go too soon, you will be missed!

Christophe: Yes


ASD: How do you feel the street skating experience?

Christophe: For me it’s not a real problem because some years ago there was no skateparks so we had to skate on the streets. But for the skaters who just start skating and who only practiced in the park , I think it is difficult to adapt themselves to that new environment ..

ASD: Yes sure! Do you guys host Skateboarding events such as national champioships, or skate jams etc?

Christophe: Yes there is a guy who came from Reunion Island who now lives in Mauritius, he organized events such as street celebrity .Although that there is no skatepark, there are still some skaters who make some jams on Sundays

ASD: And what about PO!!! Skateboard Distribution is you part of it?

Christophe: I’m not part of it but they are very closed friends ..

ASD: Seems like Reunion Island is a corner stone of skateboarding in Africa! Did you know they won Africa Street Skateboarding Championship for the first time in KDC 2015?

Tell us brief about PO!!

Christophe: They have helped the sport improving after the closure of the skatepark by selling skateboarding stuff at a low price. They are still organizing some skate jams .

ASD: Great work Po!! For putting skateboarding Alive there and selling at low price is such honor

po!! logo

Christophe: Sorry for my mistakes ha-ha

ASD: LoL No Mistake at all, well Christophe before we wind this up tells us any funny skate story?

Christophe: Ha-ha funny skate story? Let me think a minute..

Christophe: I think the funniest skate story that I’ve been through , it’s when some skaters coming from the Reunion Island to make a skate demo for us in Mauritius . We were skating on a set of stairs when the security came to make us go away. We gave him a can of beer and he go away. 5minutes later one of his friend came and pretend that he was going to call the cops . But he was only searching for a can of beer like his friend. It’s not very funny when I tell you it . But on the moment it was funny.

ASD: Hahahah LoL! Sure Thanks for your time Christophe though you don’t have a nickname


Christophe: It was a pleasure for me.. My nickname is just Christophe . Haha .. See you soon

ASD: For sure


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