Skate Life at The Port, A talk with Dewald.

Written By Headquarter


ASD: Can you tell the world about yourself and what you do?

Dewald: Yes, I’m a proud Skateboarder, am 17 years old and I started skateboarding 3 years ago and love talking about what I do. I want to inspire kids to skate and those who don’t know so much about it so that our community can get behind skateboarding and grow our skate scene.

ASD: That is a great start, where do you live? Do you have a skatename?

Dewald: I’m from the friendly city Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Somebody once called me Diwi and that’s what they go by.

ASD: How did they start to call you “DIWI”

Dewald: Haha that’s a Mystery

ASD: LoL, how is it to skate at the cape?

Dewald: Definitely a blessing. I’ve been travelling a lot lately on skate trips through the country and damn! How does one manage skating in that heat and dry land?


ASD: You mentioned about travelling, are you part of Grassroot Tour?

Dewald: No unfortunately not, I and friends make our own skate trips visiting other cities to skate some gnarly spots and check out the skate scene around SA.

ASD: Being in South Africa is Privilege. Do you have a skateshop in your neighborhood?

Dewald: Correct, it’s what you make of it. Look at that beast Gavin Moses Adams. He’s a South African and made it into Street League Pro Open. There are a lot of opportunities awaiting South African Skateboarders.

ASD: We met Gavin during KDC 2015 he is real cool. Do you guys shot your documentaries?

Dewald: Yes we have Element Collective, but the skateboarder in Port Elizabeth supports Kings Beach Skateboarding because its skater owned. The Same Crew that helps me out with product.

ASD: Are you sponsored?

Dewald: Yes, we film a lot and there’s a new Video dropping soon, view Kings Beach Skateboarding to see what happens in Port Elizabeth. The guys filming skateboarding around the City. No I’m not a sponsored rider.

ASD: When is ready for that, we shall feature it on out YouTube too, let us know as soon as its released!!!

Dewald: Thanks man, the crew will definitely appreciate your support!

ASD: Thanks you too. What can you say to the Africa skaters?

Dewald: Keep doing what you’re doing. There is a future in skateboarding, it all depends on how badly you want that spot. It’s up to you whether you want to make that elite spot. Stop reading this and go skate something damn it!

ASD: hahahah how should they stop reading at the end, lol! Well let’s close this way. Can you send shout outs?

Dewald: It’s the end, they read most of the interview lol. I would like to thank Rieyaad Saban for keeping me rolling, shout out to the Kings Beach Skateboarding Crew and all the homies supporting and pushing me to my limits. Shout out to Africa Skateboarding Diary and those who read the interview. #BestFootForward


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