Day: October 25, 2015

Steve White | Amateur Skateboarder From Florida, US

Written By Headquarter ASD: Inside skateboarding Industry what do you do? Steve: I am a amateur skateboarder from a small town called Bartow, Florida ASD: Do you ride for a company? Steve: My first sponsor was a company called Onenation skateboards, they are no longer around. I do ride for triple x surf and skate ...


Debbie | Female Skateboarder from Philippines

Written By Headquarter ASD: What is your real name? I prefer calling nicknames as skatenames, do you have any? Debbie: Oh! You can call me "DEBS" ASD: Where are you? Debbie: Here in the Philippines ASD: We are excited to know what is it being a skateboarder there, especially a female skateboarder? Debbie: Being a ...

Africa Skateboarding Diary Talks With Pedro | Pope

Written By Headquarter ASD: Well Pedro, where do you live? do you have a skatename? Pope: I, I live in Valencia, Spain. Yes my friends call me pope ASD: What do you do in skateboarding industry? Pope: I represent several brands skating for them, taking pictures, videos and other advertising ASD: Are you sponsored? Pope: ...