Africa Skateboarding Diary Talks With Pedro | Pope

Written By Headquarter


ASD: Well Pedro, where do you live? do you have a skatename?

Pope: I, I live in Valencia, Spain. Yes my friends call me pope

ASD: What do you do in skateboarding industry?

Pope: I represent several brands skating for them, taking pictures, videos and other advertising

ASD: Are you sponsored?

Pope: Bacon skateboard, muckefuck,hoax


ASD: How is skateboarding in Spain? People always talk about Barcelona! What can you say about Valencia?

Pope: Valencia is similar to Barcelona, but with some day’s better time annually by latitude, there are also good transitions and enough people practicing skate in the street, but apparently not so popular for skating, it may be because it is a smaller city.

ASD: You mentioned about skating the streets! Are there no skate parks?

Pope: If you have good transitions or skatepark wanted to say before the city, to the truth than in the skatepark skate pretty we complain about the lack of maintenance by companies working for municipalities

ASD: Great have you ever been on any skate Tour?

Pope: f the truth I’ve traveled quite skateboard thanks to many cities in Europe, the United States and my country…

ASD: Great what was your most enjoyable skate trip?

Pope: All trips are something special and yet are different, help you to know yourself and also many new people could say that skating is a constant journey that makes you get away from it constantly.


ASD: What can you say about skateboarding in Europe and America?

Pope: Is growing constantly, 20 years ago it was a world of unknown and now this very inserted in society as a daily activity more generally in America before Europe shortly after, but remain best qui own cabinet America to Europe.

ASD: Skateboarding also now is growing here in Africa, what you can say about this! Any advice to African skaters?

Pope: Therefore continue enjoying skateboarding is an activity and healthy lifestyle, it brings many good things to the person, who continue to enjoy the good times table gives improved day Diacon harmony and peace,

ASD: Thanks Pedro this was short but helpful for underground Africa Skateboarding Diary


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