Debbie | Female Skateboarder from Philippines

Written By Headquarter


ASD: What is your real name? I prefer calling nicknames as skatenames, do you have any?

Debbie: Oh! You can call me “DEBS”

ASD: Where are you?

Debbie: Here in the Philippines

ASD: We are excited to know what is it being a skateboarder there, especially a female skateboarder?

Debbie: Being a girl skateboarder here in the Philippines is really hard yet cool in terms of doing the tricks the boys usually do. It is hard for us to catch up the trick that’s why we keep on pushing on learning those tricks. We got some bruises but its okay for us especially when we got the trick that we want to do.

ASD: There is a movement that Girls can do What Boys Do. Trying hard is the easiest way. Tell us do you guys skate at the park or street?

Debbie: We’re skating in some streets and park. There’s only a few skatepark here in the Philippines.


ASD: What can say brief about general skateboarding scene in Philippines?

Debbie: SKATEBOARDING SCENE here in the Philippines is too awesome. Kids pursue to learn tricks in skateboarding. There are girls who want to try the thrill of riding and doing tricks. I can say that the skate scene here in the Philippines is really active and the population of the skateboarder grows as the years go by smile emoticon SKATEBOARDING WONT DIE! TO SKATE IS TO LIVE AND TO STOP IS TO DIE.

ASD: I loved that emphasize you made about skateboarding. How many girls team are there?

Debbie: I don’t know exactly but there are so many teams in different cities

ASD: Are there national championships events? Some sort of national contests happening?

Debbie: There are some skate competitions in different skate parks and in different venues.

ASD: Which one can be named as the best skate event in your country?

Debbie: For me, all of the events are the best. Why? Because you will see how the skaters do their best shot in a competition. They strive harder in order to win on that smile emoticon Im not into comparison. I’m just appreciating all the efforts that they made.


ASD: That is great!! are you sponsored?

Debbie: Nope

ASD: Is there anything that you can share about your skateboarding experience?

Debbie: Nope because I’m not that really good

ASD: There are so many good skateboarders and yet are not sponsored. Sometimes being sponsored is luck

Debbie: Yah

ASD: Thanks for your time, send advice to other female skateboarders.

Debbie: Alright thanks also!


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