Steve White | Amateur Skateboarder From Florida, US

Written By Headquarter

Backside Kickflip at Daytona Beach
Backside Kickflip at Daytona Beach

ASD: Inside skateboarding Industry what do you do?

Steve: I am a amateur skateboarder from a small town called Bartow, Florida

ASD: Do you ride for a company?

Steve: My first sponsor was a company called Onenation skateboards, they are no longer around. I do ride for triple x surf and skate out of Daytona beach Florida

ASD: Tell us about 550 wheels, what are you doing there?

Steve: I’m a sales representative for 550 wheels out of new York. I met kevin Taylor who is pro for zoo york at the tampa pro this year and he was a really cool person. Afterward I started to follow him on instagram and became acquainted with the owner Dan Lieber,

He was really cool and asked me to be the sales rep for the state of Florida in the US

ASD: Such awesome experience with Kevin Taylor we shall catch up with him too. How has it been working with Dan Lieber and the whole 550 wheels?

Steve: Since June of this year, He is a real down to earth guy…were still an underground company so we try to keep a level head and deal with people like people.

ASD: That is great!!! Skateboarding in Florida is said to be great. What can you say about it

Steve: Florida is a pretty amazing place, lot of good spots. Tampa is amazing. I love skating downtown Tampa,Ft. Lauderdale,lakeland,and winter haven…there are lot more hidden spots than one can imagine. Among the skateboarders here, there is a lot of love from what I have seen, but at the same time I can imagine it’s like anywhere else. I love my hometown Bartow, but they have outlawed skateboarding throughout the town so it’s a summer when I come home and see how so many of my friends and people have stopped skating because they have been looked at as criminals and even arrested for doing the thing they love and about hurting anyone you know. I wrote a petition when I was 16 and this eventually leads to the building of the skatepark we now have in our town. The sad thing is they have done nothing to upkeep it and no one wants to skate there anymore.


ASD: Is that Tampa Skatepark?

Steve: No. This is in the small town of Bartow. Tampa skatepark is AMAZING. Nothing but love there. Every time I go there again realize why I started skating and love it so much

ASD: Have you ever been in Africa?

Steve: Shafer is a really nice Guy. Adam Washell and Mikah Collins, couldn’t ask for better people, the whole staff is rad.

Unfortunately I have never been to Africa but would love to

ASD: That is great; Africa is the Future of Skateboarding

What can you say about skateboarding in next 5 years?

Steve: I can honestly say there is a small fear because of things that you have seen and heard about Africa, but the more I have talked to different people from your country I sometimes wonder if it might not be better than here

ASD: Africa is a cool place, few problems that what is said across CNN and BBC.

Steve: I think that skateboarding has hit a level that many people would have never imagined. In the next five years I think people will more recognize it as a major sport…i have seen the debate about skateboarding becoming an Olympic sport, and it could be. I even believe that skateboarding is a form of martial arts


It takes balance, consistency, mind, body,and spirit all into one and the ultimate thing is having the faith to believe you can do something

ASD: Hahha! have you ever tried martial art?

Steve: lol. some might say I’m a ninja

ASD: What can you say about skateboarding being on Olympic especially TOKYO 2020 Games!

Steve: Sick!!!lol

ASD: Why

Steve: It is well deserved, some of these guys work so hard and get looked at as outcast for perfecting their craft, so when I say sick I mean it’s awesome. Most skateboarders work just as hard if not harder than any other sports athletes but don’t get the credit. Like when I was coming up as a kid I got called white boy a lot because there weren’t an lot of black guys doing what I was doing… so when I learned that there was a huge skateboard scene in Africa I was so stoked to see that even in the mother land that people enjoyed skating and not chastised for being themselves

Skateboarding grows too fast!!!

I love it…it’s like a drug that you don’t have to…what I’m saying is it’s addictive

And unlike any other sport, there isn’t a coach telling you what plays to run ,or when things don’t go your way it is only on you, no team to blame u know,.

And there are those who are amazing, but with skating you have your individuality, everyone has their own unique style

ASD: Lastly have you ever been on a skate tour?

Steve: I have not…only traveling and skating on my own, but it has been great. I hope to in the future, but as of now, no i haven’t.

ASD: What can you say to the skateboarders who trying to get exposed!

Steve: Just stay true to yourself and do it because you love it. Filming is so important, because there’s nothing worse than pulling an amazing trick and no one believes you. Mostly though, its staying humble…there can always be someone better than you, and injuries are real. Just be yourself really. But filming and contest are very important in getting exposure if you want to be recognized for what you do.


ASD: Thanks Steve White! Was a great time with you. Send details about Africa Skateboarding Diary to Bartown, Florida


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