Winners | Halloween Skate Jam (Zambia) – Hosted By Doyen Skate Shop

Congratulation to our boy Oluk Omara for winning the Head to Head Jams at the first ever Halloween Skate Jam in Zambia . A huge thank you to everyone that came through. Much love and respect for the love and support everyone showed today . It was Fun-tactic day . History has been made . Thanks to the judges , DJ , BTS committee and the photographer and not forgetting your home for every Zambian skater , Doyen Skate Shop for the prizes . See you all in 2016 .

Halloween Skate Jam 2015 Results .

Head To Head Jams

1st Place – Oluk Omara
2nd Place – Sims Mwansa
3rd Place – Chilala Akekewla

Best Trick

1st Place – Saidi Lungu
2nd Place – Charles Kaluya

Costume Contest – Benson Tront Quendaqi

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