Results of African Street Skateboarding Championships

Written By Headquarters


A month ago on 8th October 2015 for the first in history the world witnessed the African Street Skateboarding Championships During the World Skateboarding Championships happened in Kimberley, Northern Cape (South Africa). This was part of the famous Kimberley Diamond Cup whereby more than 500,000$ cash prizes was given off to skaters and Nyjah Huston went home with 100,000$ in cash after a tough final head to head with Luan Olivera.

Released by the World Skateboarding Federation here are the Contest results for the skaters who went down to Kimberley Diamond Cup to wave Africans’ flags. These results featured a total number of 23 African Skateboarders with exception of the host South Africans who had their own contests;


  1. Damien Philippe (20yrs, Reunion Island. 102th World Rank)
  2. Laurent Gence (23yrs, Reunion Island. 97th World Rank)
  3. Finet Thierry (19yrs, Reunion Island. 83rd World Rank)
  4. Sakellarides Stellio (15yrs, Reunion Island.)
  5. Sakellarides Vassili (17yrs, Reunion Island.)
  6. Tsiky Raharinaivo (17yrs, Madagascar. 129th World Rank)
  7. Theo Setsetse (17yrs, Botswana.)
  8. Chenai Gwandure (22yrs, Zimbabwe.)
  9. Morne De Kock (21yrs, Namibia.)
  10. Mosako Chalashika (20yrs, Botswana.)
  11. Nderitu Ghithiji (21yrs, Kenya.)
  12. Amine A Hard Igroun (17yrs, Morocco.)
  13. Charles Lungu (18yrs, Zambia.)
  14. Erick Kircher (24yrs,Mauritius.)
  15. Armand Oelofse (24yrs, Namibia.)
  16. Saidi Lungu (20yrs, Zambia.)
  17. Innocent Sichande (17yrs, Zambia.)
  18. Gideon Lyimo (23yrs, Tanzania.)
  19. Elisio Vinho (36yrs, Mozambique.)
  20. Emmanuel Agbojo (Nigeria.)
  21. Seydina Laye (18yrs, Senegal.)
  22. Chilala Akekelwa (19yrs, Zambia.)
  23. Nnamuchi Emmanuel (21yrs, Congo.)

Africa Skateboarding Diary Wish to Congratulate the winners and all who went down. We also appreciate good work of World Skateboarding Federation especially by inviting Africans and also hosting the first ever African Street Skateboarding Championships. Its our hope the next year event would take in South Africans together, this shall help to make more serious and competitive African Skateboarders.


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