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Skateboarding grows rapidly in Africa, today we witness so many African skateboarders and their fans telling stories on what is happening here. All these people work hard to help skateboarding growing in Africa as a culture and a sport, and as it happens anywhere in the world people here work to revolve skating into become a career to others. All these works and sacrifice focuses on enabling many African skateboarders.

Recently, Africa Skateboarding Diary met with Damian Bramley, South African Vert skateboarder during the Kimberley Diamond Cup 2015 featured for the first time African Street Skateboarding Championship (Men). And here we have a story about him and how he started skateboarding and why he choose to skate vert ramps.


Damian Bramley, 15 years old and started skateboarding three years ago when he was just 12 years old. Damian is among of skateboarders from Kimberley town in Northern Cape popular for Diamonds and the story of hand dug hole “Big Hole”

I started skating because I wanted to do something different that would keep me busy and skating did just that for me – Damian

Like many other skateboarders who were looking on trying different things and find home in Skateboarding. This happens to so many African skateboarders who run into skateboarding to look on new adventure and taste the life as a skateboarder. Well for Damian that is a story to motivate others although there are million Damians who lack the chances. Africa Skateboarding Diary believe chances are not good reason for excuses because a real skateboarder has to show it deep inside and try.


But, Why Damian started direct into Vert skateboarding?

So many skateboarders take huge Vert ramps as a point to revolutionize their skating, Damian become not just among few African Vert Riders but also among few Vert skateboardes who started straight on tasting the fresh air, wind and the feeling of rising high above the land looking down and seeing men as ants! But this is quite an example of true passion, spirit of daring and an act of sacrifice that Damian set to many other African Skateboarders and to the world.

I started skating vert at first time when I had this thought in my head telling me “I want to ride that ramp” and iI went and ask someone to help me – Damian

Life skating the vert is interesting, wish we could ask all Vert riders why they choose Vert? but for Damian it was that spirit of daring and courageous he was to ask someone staright that I want to taste an inch of death from air at first time. Wish we could have his first Vert Skating session clips! But he moved on despite of how stupid he sounded, and in 3 years he is named “South Africa Vert Champion”

damian 2

Family always come first, and for Damian he says he get courage from his family. Well his sister, Natalie Bramley is among of best women skateboarder especially in their town “Kimberley” We need parents and family members in Africa to motivate and encourage their children who wants to try skateboarding. This will not just help them to mature but also will help them to gain more trust and believing themselves. Skateboarding in African has been seen as a wrong sport for children to even try. Africa Skateboarding Diary advices the society not to block these growing mushrooms instead they should help them grow more rapidly.


My Favorite skaters are Andy MacDonald and Jono Schwan they all helped me to stay focused in my goals and do the best in what I can – Damian

Damian yet sometimes he is scared while skating but maximum concentration remove his fear. Staying calm and having fun matters for him. This helped him more especially when he feels disturbed! seeking for peace and concentrate.

Before we forget Damian is also team skater at Techniques skateboard where his life has always be too serious and yet fun. His advice to African Skateboarders ” Have fun and don’t joke around too much and don’t be scared to try new things.” Sure African skateboarders also have to keep on working and training serious, No time to Joke!

Life at the technique team is awesome and very serious at the same time, we all goof around and do random stuff – Damian


This all that we had to share about Damian Life as a Vert Skateboarder, we believe this article will Motivate many Africans into skateboarding whether street or park and the Vert skateboarding. Africa Skateboarding Diary Believe that skateboarding in Africa needs many people to help it grow #skatediary

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