November Results | African Skateboarder of The Month

A month ago, Africa Skateboarding Diary launched Online Voting Contest aiming to recognize most favorite African Skateboarder where fans vote for their favorite skaters enlisted.

Today we are happy and proud to unveils the results and declare our winner.
1. Damian Bramley 116 (43%)
2. Kelvin Maina 76 (28%)
3. Charles Kaluga 30 (11%)
4. Allan Adams 9
5. Khule Ngubane 8
6. Gideon Lyimo 8
7. Gavin Moses Adams 7
8. Tsiky Imanoela 6
9. Innocent Sichande 4
10. Douglas Mwesigwa 3

Hence, November Winner is Damian Bramely who has 116 votes out of 267 total votes.

Know more about Damian, follow this link

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