#ASDMeetPros | Aura Bredart


What is your name, and how old are you?

My name is Aura brédart and I am 24 years old.


Do you have a skatename! And what do you do in skateboarding?

I don’t have any skate name, My name on facebook is like “Aura of daisie” it is like a trick with my name and the name of the flowers in french.

How long have you been skateboarding?

I start at the age of 7 !


Who inspired you into skateboarding?

Nobodys and everybodys! Sometime, I’m inspired and sometime I don’t! haha


How do you feel being a female skateboarder?

I feel like a “skater” not like a girl skater or something else… I don’t know, for me, there are not differences… There are more boys who skate for sure, but there are some girls too, and there are some kids really young who skate, some men are really old and skate… it’s the same for everybody, so I think I’m just a skater.


What challenges are you facing on your daily skating as a female skater?

I fight myself for my personal progress… everyday… I try to skate better than yesterday…


How your work in skateboarding did start?

It’s difficult to call that “my work” but it’s my objective now, I want to turn pro!

So I begin this progress when i make the second place at Vigo O’marisquino world cup, I understand what I can make in skateboarding, and I decided that my future will be professional.


Did skateboarding change your personality?

Hard question… maybe, I don’t know. That give me a “sport mind” that learn me to fall and try again, skateboarding learn me so much things for sure, but I don’t really know if that change my  personality.


What do you say about children and youths interaction in your community with skateboarding?

I like to see children on skate! I remember me when I was young, I like to learn some trick too then.



Who is your best female skateboarder you can name as a model?

In first , it was Evelien Bouillard, because she was the first girl I see who skate with this motivation and I’m happy to know her! But my model now is Leticia Buffoni for her professional mind and Alexis Sablone for her hard tricks!


What are your views on skateboarding in next 5 years?

I hope more footages, more results, more meeting and more tricks!


What do you say about skateboarding at the park and street?

I begin skateboarding in the street so it’s for me the “real skateboarding” for sure! But now I know the park too and I think it’s a good spot for learning and for the progress.


Skateboarding in Africa grows as a mushroom does this happen also in your place?

I don’t think so, in my city, skate is almost dead for long time ago… Bruxelles stay alive! And in Belgium, it’s the north coast who stay in move.


What advice can you give to other female skateboarders?

Don’t think about the others people… think at first time about yourself, and don’t stay alone or with your girls group, go skate with boys and with everybody!!


What is your favorite skateboarding event and why?

I like Far’n’high world cup cause it’s a french event and I know better this organization, it’s not so far and the park is always funny! I like Mystic cup too, cause that’s so big and crazy!


Skateboarding is a future, what can you tell Africa skaters?

Keep rolling keep smiling! When you want, you can!


Do you have any recommended resources to share (books, seminars, websites, coaches)?

Just thankful to people who support me! And thank Africa Skateboarding Diary for the interest!


Well, lets close this with any funny experience you have on skateboarding.

Recently I was in Tampa for Tampa Am, and I move in LA too… it was just amazing, like a dream… my French mate won the contest and give so much happiness around him…

Thank you for your time keep spreading about Africa Skateboarding Diary! Share the #skatediary


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