#ASDMeetPros | Tomas Vintr

Welcome to #ASDMeetPros by Africa Skateboarding Diary, working to connect Africa Skateboarding Scene to the World.


  1. Can you tell us brief about yourself? (Name, Skatename, Age, and Your residence)

TV: Hey, my name is Tomas Vintr, I am originally from the Czech republic (Europe), but spending most of the time between Prague / Los Angeles and different locations around the World.

  1. Who are your sponsors?

TV: Vans, Excelent, Theeve, Bones, SNRD, Olloclip, MSA, Crown Apparell, SkateSpotsApp

  1. For how long have you been skateboarding?

TV: I started skating in August 1996, so it’s been 19 years now.

  1. Who inspired you into Skateboarding?

TV: Some local kids who were just sitting around at a playground behind my parent’s apartment building they live in.


  1. Have you ever being on any skate trip with your sponsors?

TV: Yes, i spend most of the year on the skate trips.

  1. What can you comment about skateboarding in your society?

TV: Skateboarding is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It is a huge hobby, passion and love. There are some really good skate spots and skaters in both Prague and Los Angeles, so i get to skate with a lot of very talented people. Im stoked!


  1. Tell us how many skate events and contests you have been? And which one is the best?

TV: I have been to 100’s of big skateboard events. And my favorite? That’s gotta be an event I am organising – a World Cup skateboarding event in my hometown – BEROUN, in the Czech republic. Check it out on youtube, it’s called GRANDPRIX BEROUN.

  1. Africa Skateboarding Scene strive to grow, can you set advice to hard training Africa Skaters?

TV: I just advise everyone to have a good time. When you are having a good time, everything in life works better:))

  1. What will you do If you get a chance to be involved in any Africa Skateboarding Activity?

TV: I am in love with Africa. I would come there anytime. Mad props to all the skaters there too!!!

  1. Lastly, what do you think of skateboarding being into Olympic?

TV: Last year, a selected group of skaters was at the Olympic games in China (YOC), it was Chris Cole, Sean Malto, Kelvin Hoefler, Leticia Bufoni and myself. So i have been a part of the very first skateboard/olympics skateboard activity and i liked it. The people behind it are doing a great job in helping skateboarding grow the right direction.




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