Fox Rio | Six years old and skates as a Pro



What is your name, and how old are you?

My name is Fox Rio and I am 6 years old.

Do you have a skatename! And what do you do in skateboarding?

They pretty much call me Fox Rio…I love anything with 4 wheels and a board…vert, street, bowl, mega…

How long have you been skateboarding?

I’ve been skateboarding a little over one year.

Who inspired you into skateboarding?

The first time I ever saw a skateboard I just knew I loved it. My dad bought me a board and I would wake up at 5am and go practice in front of my house. It’s hard to explain how I feel about it. Only skaters understand. Today I’m inspired by the legends (Rodney Mullen, Daewon Song, Tony Hawk, Steve Cab) but also by the kids at my local park.

Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?

Skateboarding is just like life, you just have to go for it.

Did skateboarding change your personality?

I don’t think so. I’m just a kid who loves to play and have fun and laugh. I guess the biggest change is that I used to hang around other pre-school kids and now I hang around teenagers most of the time! That’s one of the coolest things about skating, it doesn’t matter how old you are or where you come from. We’re all in the club and we have each others backs.


What do you say about children and youths interaction in your community with skateboarding?

Skating is the greatest activity for kids. Obviously, it’s great exercise so that’s good. But it really teaches us to be creative and to learn without structure. I also think skaters are an amazing example of a community who accept people for who they are. We don’t care what color your skin is or if you’re a boy or a girl or what brand of jeans you wear. Skating allows you to just be yourself.

“Skateboarding Is not a crime” what can you say about this phrase?

For sure! Skating is a beautiful art form. It’s part sport, part art, part community. When I see someone who is skating I have instant respect for them.

What are your views on skateboarding in next 5 years?

Skateboarding is becoming more popular thanks to social media. I have friends all over the world simply because we posted a few short skate edits. Bringing kids together from different cultures just proves that we are more alike than different. Skateboarding is becoming global. Kids are starting younger – heck, I’m one of the older kids now and I’m 6! That groundswell of support for skateboarding at such an early age is the answer to a healthy skate industry in the future. We need the youth to make skating a part of their lives and I hope my role in skating is to inspire kids to just get started.

What do you say about skateboarding at the park and street?

Well as a kid, the right place for me to skate is in a safe environment. So, I think kids should skate in parks. I also think kids should wear pads and learn to skate safely so they stick with it for the long term. The first few years of skating are the most important. Every kid deserves the feeling of landing a new trick. That rush is what keeps us coming back. I see kids who are just starting out getting hurt and never coming back and that is no good for the community. It’s not a race to land tricks – skateboarding is a marathon. There will be lots of time to skate in the street when we are older and can make good judgment about what to do or not do. I’m too young to really understand street skating but I already look at the world through street skaters eyes. I look at curbs and rails and ledges every where we go. One day I’ll be ready to skate them and hopefully I can do it responsibly and create art that skaters and non-skaters will appreciate.


What advice can you give to young skateboarders?

My best advice is to skate safe. Wear your helmet and pads when you’re learning. It worked for Rodney Mullen and he’s the greatest skater of all time! Knock on wood but I’ve been skating just over a year and I’ve never been hurt outside of a few bumps and bruises. Be safe, have fun and try to learn one new trick every week. There will be lots of time to skate without a helmet when you’re older.

What is your favorite skateboarding event and why?

I guess it’s X Games. Mostly because there are so many people watching and that means more people will start to skate! Watching other people be inspired by skateboarders is amazing. Even I watch the pro’s like they are superhero’s!

Skateboarding is a future, what can you tell Africa skaters?

Skateboarding is a beautiful life. It will take you places you never dreamed and you will meet people you never thought you would. I promise you that you will never regret picking up a skateboard.

Do you have any recommended resources to share (books, seminars, websites, coaches)?

I’m just learning to read but me and my dad will read books together about Rodney Mullen or Tony Hawk. For me, I still love watching skaters post on Instagram because you know that trick just happened and you can share in that person’s moment.

Well, lets close this with any funny experience you have on skateboarding.

I don’t know about one funny experience but I can honestly say I laugh hard every single skate session. At some point, between working on tricks and flowing the park there is laughter. Skaters are (in my opinion) just really funny!

Thank you for your time keep spreading about Africa Skateboarding Diary! Share the #skatediary. Love you guys. Keep doing what you’re doing. Super grateful for all your hard work.IMG_6372

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