Brandon Valjalo Talk About His Skate Life




Full name: Brandon Valjalo 

Nickname: Baby shecks

Age: 17

Years of skating: 13

Sponsors: SkullCandy, Neff headwear, Volcom, Etnies, Redbull, Technique Skateboards.




Title Won (Any recently won/any previously won)

My most recent title won was winning the South African Division at Kimberley Diamond Cup 2015.

Brandon At Kimberley Diamond Cup

How did you get into skateboarding?

Firstly I got onto a skateboard and a young age because we would always have one in the garage but I properly started skating because my older brother and his friends would all fool around on boards and then I guess they motivated my parents to get me a proper board and I ended up skating for real.

From that time when you started skateboarding, what/who has always been your inspirer?

When I first started I was inspired by my brother, then as I was growing up there used to be a TV show I watched with my mom called “life of Ryan” which motivated me, so I guess my brother (Sheldon Valjalo) and Ryan Sheckler both motivated me.

What are some of your favourite spots to skate?

In South Africa I like skating civic centre in Cape Town, that’s a fun one, another cool spot is this handrail that’s at my old school that is super fun to skate. Let’s not forget Moses Madhiba stadium in Durban, that place is amazing.

What type of skater can you refer yourself to be?

Basically I have tried to make my skateboarding as diverse as possible by skating technical stuff as well as handrails and bigger stuff. I guess I’m just a new school skater that likes to skate everything.

Brandon doing BS Feeble

About your skate team/crew what can you tell us, and what does it mean in your life as a skateboarder?

For me it’s not about the location you’re at but rather it’s all about the people that you are with, that’s why I try and surround myself by as many positive influences that you can possibly have which also skate really well which basically allows us to feed off of each other’s hype. By doing this it helps you progress a lot faster.

In your skating, what is the hardest trick that you ever learnt? And which tricks do you favourite them?

There’s so many technical tricks in skateboarding that can take you hours, days and even weeks trying to get. It also depends on the skater because I guess we all have our own different tricks on lock that another skater might not be able to do. For me the hardest trick I’ve learnt is possible a half cab flip noseslide nollie flip out.


Is there any International Pro skater that you always have in mind and you would like to share a session with?

Fortunately because of Kimberley diamond cup, I’ve had the opportunity of skating with some of the best professional skaters in the world. So at the moment there’s no one really but man I’d be down for a street sesh with Trevor Colden in LA!

From your winning last event(s) which event that you look into 2016 to compete and win or getting on top?

I look forward to Kimberley Diamond Cup which is going down in October, possibly gonna try look to winning the SA champs division 3 years in a row or I’m gonna make the move up to try skate against some of the best in the world.


Any advice that you can give out to other local skateboarders, and those who wants to be?

Ambition and dedication.

Any shout-outs?

Yeah yeah! Shout out to my friends, family and sponsors. Much Love!

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