Skateistan| A project in South Africa brings Hope

Recently our co-founder Usama Ahmed join Mike Chinner from Kimberley Diamond Cup and visited the project in Johannesburg, South Africa by Skateistan.


Usama is among very few hard working skateboarding activists in Africa. For years he has been working with various group of people to help growing skateboarding growing inn Africa starting in Tanzania. In Tanzania, Usama is working closely with other multi-talented youth to run Tanzania Skateboarding Miracle, Youth NGO which started as a local skateboarding team.

Yesterday, March 16th 2016 Usama met with Mike Chinner from Kimberley Diamond Cup. Kimberley Diamond Cup is a constituting project by the World Skateboarding Federation with other collaborators from Kimberley, Northern Cape-South Africa.



Skateistan which has run various successful projects around the world is now working on another project in Johannesburg, South Africa. Usam and Mike were briefed on few activities taking place at the site including the most exciting after school projects.

The eye-catching story is the newly proposed skatepark to be build in the area which shall serve the community.

Skateistan Proposed Skatepark in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Skateboarding for years has been helping people to develop positive altitudes and life style. In Africa, skateboarding is saving a large number of idle children and youth, taking them off the streets and giving them something positive to do.


Africa Skateboarding Diary is proud to share the stories and help skateboarding grow in Africa and anywhere around the world.


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