Skate Jam at Back 2 Kasi

Story told by Nkosana Ashley


Back 2 Kasi 26 March 2016, Zone 14, Sebokeng.  The main problem of the event was really the surface to hold the competition, dudes concerned with busting their bearing.  Luckily, we unfortunately had to move the venue of the event to across Mid Corner Shisa Nyama at the Testing grounds.


Due to the low number of beginner’s registration, we decided to incorporate the low number of beginners within the intermediate category.


We then decided that the 1st round of qualifiers will be an all rail session in which competitors had 3 minutes to showcase their skills.  We had 7 groups of 3 skaters per group in which the highest scored skater had the chance to compete in the final round.  The 2nd & last jam consisted of a ledge session, it proved a bit challenging at first but once they came around tricks started, once that was over we went into best trick by it was to be on the ledge.


We tallied up all the scores; well the numbers can’t lie who clearly won the Intermediate Jam & Advanced Jam.  The Back 2 Kasi management had us present the prizes to the winners of each Jam category, on stage.


Thank you for the experience to spread joy in Vaal skate scene; this has been a good learning curve in organizing bigger & better infrastructure in the Vaal.


Since the destruction of our only skate park in Vanderbijlpark what we called Vaal Skateboarding was starting to lose the momentum it gained whilst the skate park was operational.  It has inspired me to challenge myself as an experienced skateboarder in the Vaal to create a spirit of unity & healthy competitiveness, in the hope it may ignites a spark for the next generation of Vaal Skateboarders to do it better than we did.


Africa Skateboarding Diary would like to Thank all who were involved in the event especial the generous support from Skull Candy and Etnies South African divisions. Their support was sincerely appreciated by skateboarders in the region especially those who went down to compete.


Below are few skateboarding pictures that were captured during the event.

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