Nkosana and Allan at The Cape


Nkosana Ashley won the first edition of #RiseWithUs early 2016. This was the online video contest opened to all African skateboarders to submit their skateboarding videos of less than 3 minutes. On the judging a lot of criteria were used including the number of tricks performed, online views, engagement, likes and online votes.


Nkosana Asheley won with total reach of 67%. For his winning he earned brandy deck from Technique Skateboards and a sponsored tour from us Africa Skateboarding Diary.


The weekend of April 30th and May 1st Nkosana went on his sponsored tour to Cape Town.


While in Cape Town Nkosana hang out with Allan Adams, one among the best skateboarders and a brother to Moses Adams who recently won Element Make It Count and earned his way to Barcelona soon.


The day started with a visit to some best places to be while at the cape also they went into different mall and at the end went to pick their brand new decks from Technique Skateboards. Thanks to Jono who presented the decks on bahalf of Technique Skateboards.


Later Nkosana and Usam Ahmed met Allan and they went to share a remarkable skateboarding session at The Shred Skatepark. Thanks to everyone who showed up at the shred and respect to the management of the shred park.


Also they skated at the Green Point.


Nkosana is Jozi based skater and this trip had a positive impact to him. He stand as a true inspiration to other African skateboarders who walking their way up. Also apart from this cape trip also he will join ASD to visit Kimberley, Northern Cape and compete at Midway Mayhem organized by World Skateboarding Federation through their famous Kimberley Diamond Cape.


We at Africa Skateboarding Diary  are proud to share every update about skateboarding in Africa. Also we are welcoming so many other organization and call upon Africans to work together in spreading the love of skateboarding as a culture as well as a sport.


At the end we are honoured to present Ughaibuni Media through their Tv Show “kutoka Ughaibuni” sponsored this Cape Town Tour. We are very very happy and we look forward to keep working with Ughaibuni Media.

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