The future of Skateboarding in Uganda


Uganda is among skateboarding countries in Africa and the first country in East Africa to have the skatepark followed by Tanzania, Kenya, and recently opened park in Kigali, Rwanda. All skateparks in this region were built by a Germany based NGO known as Skate Aid.


Skateboarding is a culture and a sport that bring youth and children together in a society/community. It brings unity among skaters and non-skaters in many places.


Following the rise of skateparks across Africa and the needy of resources so many skateboarding teams were born from their core sources. In Uganda we acknowledge the existence of Uganda Skateboarding Union. But since the number is increasing and yet there are so many dreams that are to be fullfilled, skaters formed other teams to keep on pushing skateboarding in their local villages/towns.


Today, Africa Skateboarding Diary we bring to you the Uganda Skateboarding Federation (USF) one of the best performing organization in Uganda. Uganda Skateboarding Federation was founded by Gose Gerald and his friend Kizza David in 2012. In the past 1 year they have proven to bring new hopes to many skaters in the country as well as attracting non-skaters into the sport. with both local and international recognition USF continues to run smoothly and this is seemed to be “The Future of Skateboading in Uganda”


The Uganda Skateboarding Federation has earned partnership with a French based, “Roule Petit Ougandais” in helping to transform the lives of skaters and non-skaters in local communities. The Roule Petit Ougandais was founded by Jean Claude Geraud who is based in Toulouse, France.


Uganda Skateboarding Federation run successful projects in various districts starting with Bugolobi-Kampala, Mukono, Lira and very soon they will open a branch in Mbarara.

In order to raise awareness Uganda Skateboarding Federation and Roule Petit Ougandis came together with a documentary project. The project will help to run various charity programs to speedfast the development of skateboarding in Uganda and probably looking forward for a new skatepark.


The documentary was shot very recently in Uganda when Jean alongside his cameraman Thomas Boutin. In this documentary there are interviews,skate sessions,making fun and lots of interesting activities.


The documentary shooting went along with a positive charity work . Uganda Skateboarding Federation and Roule Petit Ougandais selected a poorly developed local school in the region. At the school they helped to renovate it and drew some nice graphics on it.One wall on that same school was painted with Uganda flag colours and and it they mentioned names of those who have been helping them,pioneers and all supporters.

Also they gave off clothes,bags,belts,shoes and caps to the kids and youth in needy both skaters and non skaters


Africa Skateboarding Diary is proud of all the success happening in Uganda through Uganda Skateboarding Federation. We are looking forward for the documentary and make sure you don’t miss it either.


Keep pushing skateboarding in Africa.

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