#KDCWITHASD Has One Ticket to African Skateboarders

Africa Skateboarding Diary today announce an opportunity to African skateboarders. 

Africa Skateboarding Diary is an online skateboarding magazine in Africa. It was found early 2015 to share stories about skateboarding in Africa. We are bridging skateboarding in Africa and world skateboarding community at large. The contest KDCWITHASD is a contribution that we are making to help African skateboarders.


Rules And Regulations
1. All submission should be done before 17th September 2016.
2. There will no voting, the panel of judges will review the contest and announce a winner within 7 days.
3. Each applicant should submit a raw edited video clip less than 2 minutes long done very recently.
4. He/She has to be above 18 years old to be eligible to enter this contest
5. All first winners of African Skateboarding Championships Qualifiers are not eligible to enter this contest, however the runner ups are motivated to apply this.
6. All submission are entirely right owned to Africa Skateboarding Diary for Marketing, No Claims should be made.
7. Applicant should have his/her Passport or National ID Card while applying this.
8. Any content contain pornography, discrimination, drug abuse and additives will be nullified.
9. Videos should be uploaded to any online platform such YouTube and Vimeo before submission.
10. This Contest is Open to African skateboarders living in Africa only!


Videos Submission will open officially from September 1st.

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