With Or Without KDC, Skateboarding In Africa has to GROW!!!

Brandon Valjalo at Kumba Skate Plaza, Kimberley | South Africa

Kimberley Diamond Cup for the past few years grew to be one of our favourite contest in Africa. For many African skateboarders Kimberley Diamond Cup was considered as a great dream, and a promising future for them; meeting pro, and the big names in the industry.


My feeling is so good and simple… I’m so happy to represent Madagascar there and I’ll do the max… On this contest 🙂said Rado Kely one of the top Madagascar’s skateboarders.



In 2015 the Kimberley Diamond Cup World Skateboarding Championships for the first time incorporated the African Skateboarding Championships division for African skateboarders. This was a great news and about 10 countries had chance of being represented. All the skaters were hand picked and sponsored into the program.


Now few days ago we were all shocked that World Skateboarding Grand Prix has postponed the Kimberley Diamond Cup 2016 till further notice. “… Northern Cape Provincial Government (NCPG), it has become clear that the NCPG cannot resolve their contractual issues prior to the KDC event scheduled for October 3 to 8. In lieu of this issue WSGP  therefore, must postpone the event.” said Mr. Tim McFerran. President at World Skateboarding Federation.


Now we are more concerned on these ready skateboarders all around the world who waited months for the largest prize skateboarding contest in the world. ” To the skateboarders who have won regional and continental contests around the world, and have been looking forward all year to come to the world championship, I also apologise “ added Mr. Tim.


Africa Skateboarding Diary believes there is a chance for Kimberley Diamond Cup 2016 being reschedule and take place. However there has been so any sources saying this might be the end of Kimberley Diamond Cup. It is very clear that there are so many confusions.



We believe that, skateboarding in Africa has to grow no matter how hard the situation is. To African Skateboarders now it is time to transform your society. We motivate skaters in Africa to keep skateboarding on Fire, and try to organise themselves planning to host their contests. This shall help the growth of skateboarding at the grassroots .


With or Without Kimberley Diamond Cup we have to ensure that we keep pushing skateboarding in Africa. We all hope that there is a good and sweet story at the end. We only have to be real and help each other to grow skateboarding in our local communities.


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