Flat Ground League – Tanzania Recap

May 27th 2017


Flat Ground League is a series of skateboarding events designed to suite many communities with no or less facilities such as skateboards, parks and even public awareness. As the name suggests, the Flat Ground League doesn’t need an all expensive venue! Flat Ground League needs only a flat space where skaters come freely and compete in series of Game of Skates set into Jams with Semi Final and Final at last.

Today in Tanzania, we witnessed an amazing first stop event for the Flat Ground League. The event was held at Don Bosco Youth Centre, Dar es salaam – Tanzania and featured 12 skaters into 3 Jams which were later changed into 4 Jams for delay reasons. The even was planned by Usama Ahmed, a skateboarding activist for Africa living in South Africa.

James Komba with Kickflip earlier during open practise sessions.

Flat Ground League Tanzania Finals were hosted by Augustine Rutasingwa and judged by Philip Haertel, a Germany volunteer with Skate Aid who built a skatepark in Dodoma, Tanzania in 2012 and since then they have been running the project.

The event kick started at 10:30am local EAT. The following were the jams.

Jam 01 had Danny Makindi, James Komba, Miki Dougie and Zhaki KS of which James Komba won.

Jam 02 had Abubakar Amour, Makala Mwendo and Taylan Xixcash of which Abubakar Amour won.

Jam 03 had Athuman Evarist, Gideon Lyimo and Patrick Michael of which Patrick Michael won.

Jam 04 had Christopher Rawlins and Hassan Takashi and the later won.


These Jams served as the Flat Ground League – Tanzania Qualifier and below are the full results.

Flat Ground League – Tanzania Qualifier

Later the four jams winners did a semi final and the two last standing; Abubakar Amour and Hassan Takashi went into finals and Abubakar Amour won with a total sum of 60 points.

Flat Ground League – Tanzania Finals

Also the day featured local BMX riders who did magnificient stunts during intermissions.

Muhksin cleared 6 pilled skateboard decks during event breaks.

Baraka Bishota, General secretary of Tanzania Roller Skating Federation presented the prizes to the winners. He also gave a brief speech of which he positioned the roles of the firm, and the Olympic vision 2020. He argued skateboarder to keep skateboarding and get ready to represent Tanzania well into Olympics.

Baraka Bishota hands Abubakar Amour his prizes he won after being the Winner of Flat Ground League – Tanzania Finals

Flat Ground League has generous support from World Skateboarding Federation through her African Skate Project of which every country winner shall earn an all paid expenses into the Flat Ground League – African Finals in 2018. Also the series is supported by TheBoardr, Bun n Bunee Skateboards and the Africa Skateboarding Diary. The Tanzania event has an extension of support from Don Bosco Missionaries and Skate Aid.

Remember to donate on our campaign by August 2017 so that in September 2017 we can be able to run the event in many other African countries.

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