Donate For Skate Is Gearing For Morocco, North Africa.

Donate For Skate is a Florida, US Based collection site for used/unwanted skateboarding parts; gears and completes to the kids living in underpriviledged skate communities. This initiative is run by miss Jenna Hirt who deliver them.
Past August 12th 2017 Donate For Skate delivered 46 set of skateboards to Thaba Nchu Skatepark and Community in South Africa. Also they did visited a local spot at Trompsburg, South Africa and handed 7 completes skateboards.

Donate For Skate also in the past they did projects in Peru and India as well.

Full Video of Thaba Nchu Program


The Donate For Skate event in Thaba Nchu, South Africa August 12, 2017 only was possible because of all the skate donations from you all ☺️! The day began with an introduction of why we came to Thaba Nchu, how all the boards got here, where they came from & that they should consider this day, August 12th their official skatepark opening! We then gave the 150 kids a skate demo then gathered by the microphone for one last talk to discuss the groupings for lessons. After lessons,  all of us that were giving lessons evenly distributed stickers to kids who would be most stoked to get a board. 🙂 They can now finally fully enjoy their skatepark with all the AMAZING skateboards that were donated from my friends in the states & put together with my friends in South Africa with lessons, food and music. We all came together in this group effort & everyone involved should very be proud of what we accomplished for this community. More rad photos & a super exciting video edit thanks to Martian kotze @your_moms_profile Follow @donateforskate on Facebook as well to share in the stoke of all the photos and video to come -please help keep the positivity coming by sharing these links & sending me your used unwanted skate parts. Number one need is still sets of trucks❤️🙏🏻  – #regrann  

Now Donate For Skate is collecting again for the next mission to Morocco, North Africa.
You cam send your part to the address below;

Donate For Skate  PO Box 290995  Port Orange, Florida 32129. United States.

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