Pim Entered North Africa!

Pim Entered North Africa

After a Good Bye Bash in Hollad to ignite the Boarders Not Borders Documentary! Pim travelled few miles across Europe into the coast of Mediterran Ocean.

Pim has crossed the Ocean by boat and entered Tangier, Morocco-North Africa.

The project will get Pim who travels with his bag and camera and his life partner-skateboard into different African skateboarding communities! Skating and Filming to tell the story of our scene and culture to the world.

We are grateful to Mr. Hanota and all other skateboarders in Tangier ! Pim now will travel to Rabat, then to Casablanca and finally to Agadir in Morocco where we approximately shall take park in Skatepark Construction with locals led by Ali Tamara (The power drive of skateboarding in Morocco).

The project is estimated to last for 6 to 8 moths travelling between 10 t0 12 Africa countries.

Below Are Some Of the Captured Moments! More will be shared soon.

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