Meet Nderitu And Dossantos – Winners of #ElementSponsorMe

January 30th 2017, Element Brand South Africa Launched #ElementSponsorMe

This long Journey Skateboarding contest had more than 600 entries by the time winners were Announced.


  1. Chris Nderitu

A 23 years Old highly motivated skateboarder from Durban, South Africa clearly had no match. His style is fasr and accurracy.

He had been participating in many contest around South Africa, from the World Championships in Kimberley 2015 to several local games of SKATE.

As a winner he has earned a 12 months sponsorship with Element Brand in South Africa.

2. Seb Dossantos

Started skateboarding from drive way at age 10, seb grew up with skateboarding in his veins and arteries. His love is skating with homies and filming sick parts some of which he posted for #ElementSponsorMe and now he came into the 2nd Position

With travel experiende in Cali and Spain, he defines skateboarding as;

Cali is more competitive and the spots are perfect but always a bust, Spain is more mellow and you can skate everything

Into his new 12 months with Elements he looks forward into pushing hard!
Our Note

Africa Skateboarding Diary would appreciate to acknowledge this program and challenge many more companies to the same as well as open their contests for every African skateboarder to participate.

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