King’s Beach Skateboarding Crew And Get Your Shit Together – Teaming Up in 2018!

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The King’s Beach Skateboarding Crew are ready for a program in January 2018. The event will be run in partnership with a group of skateboarders from the Netherlands called “Get Your Sh!t Together” or GYST. They will be touring South Africa filming a documentary about the S.A. skate scene & distributing new & used skateboards to needy skateboarders.

GYST have been collecting decks, trucks, wheels etc. overseas and have had great success in their efforts thus far and plan on visiting Johannesburg, Indigo Skate Camp and Cape Town.

KBSC Group photo
A coaching clinic for disadvantaged youth who are interested in skateboarding and a contest is planned for the P.E. leg of their tour. KBS will be organising the event in P.E. and we need YOUR help.

We are asking for donations of old (OR NEW) skate gear….Decks, Wheels and Trucks, ANYTHING that can still be used for beginners to learn on.

KBS will be donating some equipment but we need your help to collect as much skate equipment as possible. If you have anything you’d like to donate this good cause, please feel free to contact Rieyaad Saban at or on 079 700 9054



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