Concrete Jungle, New Line Skateparks and Angola Skateboarding Union To Build Luanda Skatepark!

Skateboarding continues to prosper and grow in Africa. The fact that many African countries have no access to skate facilities such as gears and other equipment such as decks, etc has never stopped them to skate. Skateboarding has evolved among Children and Youth in Africa as a life companion and something that means a lot to them!

Concrete Jungle Foundation (CJF)New Line Skateparks (NLS) and Angola Skateboarding Union (ASU) are proud to work together on this project, to help build Angola’s first outdoor concrete skatepark.

Designed By New Line Skateparks

Angola, the seventh-largest country in Africa, on the Western end of continent, is a country in flux. In its recent history, it has experienced conditions that are unfortunately not uncommon to many African nations. The 27 year civil war finally ended in 2002, but despite a period of rapid economic growth largely fueled by the country’s rich oil reserves, the country has never quite recovered from the devastation. Inefficient management of resources, the fall of global oil prices, and a subsequent recession exacerbated already high levels of poverty.

Skateboarding in Angola

Despite, or due to, Angola’s legacy of inequality and corruption, the country has recently become a breeding ground for skateboarders, with a vastly developing skate scene in the capital city of Luanda. Jesse Mendes, the founder of the ‘Angola Skateboarding Union’ has been vocalising on behalf of the community, the need for a skatepark to be built in Luanda.

Design by Greg Harris |

Go here to support their campaign now Luanda Skatepark

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