Happy New Year! We Have Good News For You!


The fact that we have published our 2017 final edition “ASD 2017 YEARBOOK” last year! lol it has been few hours past 2017. Well in 2018 we have a lot in plate that we would like to share with the starving fellow skateboarders, fans and supporters across the African continent and the world at large!

First be sure you have checked out the edition! And lastly the good news in 2018! We at Africa Skateboarding Diary have prepared a lot of cool things. Our editions will now be published on Monthly Basis so as to make 12 issues a year! Also we shall have weekly Interview with skateboarders from different parts of Africa here on our site and far more, all updates will be published on our website!

And in case you did not notice, we are now working to release our skate brand into the communities. Our goal is to grow the scene, making the insanely expensive gears no more! We want to make sure skateboarding is accessible to everyone and the costs should never outweight the true meaning of it at first – Being Happy!

Our Diary Skateboards Are coming February 2018, You can pre oder on the link here



Grow Us | Grow Skateboarding!!!


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