The First FGL to Feature Skateboarders, Roller Skaters and BMX went down today in Tanzania.


February 2017 Africa Skateboarding Diary launched a movement to support local skateboarding communities across African countries through a prestigious event, ‘Flat Ground League’ whose purpose from the early beginning is to offer a world class renowned event to the unexposed African skateboarding communities.

The idea was to host country wise games and a continental final in February/April 2018. The event took off in May 27th 2017 of which Abubakar Amour won in Tanzania, later in September 23rd and 30th respectively in Angola and Zambia; Mario Felipe and Innocent Sichande won the events.

Mario Felipe, FGL Angola September 23rd 2017.

Later in event was cancelled after failed to happen in Uganda after being planned two times. This at some pointed affected the support that FGL had from various sponsors and donors. This has pushed to the current state; uncertainty in whether the continental championships shall happen or not.

To keep the idea alive, Africa Skateboarding Diary through her HQ in Tanzania partnered with other key stakeholders; Ride BMX Africa, Mbezi Theory Inc and Pakaza Means Paint to reshape and run a program that will suit all skateboarders as well as featuring BMX and Roller Skaters.


This program however has not fully at a capacity stopped or replaced the original Flat Ground League – Skateboarding, of which will keep happening in other Africa countries.


Today, February 25th 2018 wasn’t only the last Sunday of the Month but the beginning of the new FGL for Tanzania. The program was hosted by Don Bosco Youth Centre – Upanga, Dar es salaam.

The event attracted many not to miss and recognize including Miki Deo, who is a skateboarder and fashionist and modal as well. Miki was among the Judges including Other Judges; Augustine Rutasingwa, Husein Athuman, Mohamed Mtamike and Twalib Seif.

At 11:45 AM Skateboarding qualifier started featuring Eight Skateboarders , out of which only four; Mark Mugendi, Hassan Takashi, Patric Michael and Danny Makindi Entered the final. Other qualifiers for roller skaters featured five roller skaters and the BMx program was divided into two; Brake and Brakeless.

The Official Results For Every Program were;

  1. Skateboarding – Mark Mugendi
  2. Roller Skating – Cyril Survoret
  3. BMX Brakes – Kesi Ismail
  4. BMX Brakeless – Hamis Muksin

The event had refreshment to contestant and crowd as well.

Enjoy the following pictures.


The Organizers extends Thanks to all who voluntary came and supported the event.



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