Month: April 2018

  • Hurray! FGL April 2018 went down Yesterday in Tanzania

    Hurray! FGL April 2018 went down Yesterday in Tanzania

    Flat Ground League FGL is a prestigious program that started as a skateboarding program and grew into something bigger. The event is meant to run simultaneously contests on African countries without well established spots to skateboarding. On her early days in 2017 the program debuted with contests in Tanzania, Angola, Mozambique and Zambia. After 1…

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  • Life Beyond SkateLife – Nkosana

    Life Beyond SkateLife – Nkosana

    In all aspects life offers, it has a very unfamiliar manner in which things occur.  No matter how much you plan the way your life will play out, certain events unfold which leave you stunned & derive you from the path you followed. 2017 in my perspective was the highlight of my progression within skateboarding,…

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  • CSA Ghana Documentary

    CSA Ghana Documentary

    December 2017 The Christian Skaters Africa, among sister program and division from Christian International organized a beautiful retreat and summit featuring Skateboarders, Roller Skaters, BMX Riders, Skimboarders and Surfers from 8 African Nations assembled in Ghana. The program summit with All Ability Sports had a fruitful climax. Fenie, a brother to Chris led the program…

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