Life Beyond SkateLife – Nkosana

In all aspects life offers, it has a very unfamiliar manner in which things occur.  No matter how much you plan the way your life will play out, certain events unfold which leave you stunned & derive you from the path you followed.


2017 in my perspective was the highlight of my progression within skateboarding, the opportunity to work briefly with Technique Skateboards along side Intende Action Wear providing sponsorship to the Vaal skate scene events.  I had bigger & better projects planned for the 2018 skate scene, however life had other plans for me. In the early morning of the 7th of January 2018, I was involved in a car accident which left me with a heavily bruised body & a fractured right hand.  Fortunate to have my life still, however the accident had deep impact on my emotional and physical effect which led to my 3 month long absences on a board.


Throughout my healing process I started to ponder on the direction of my life, I then decided to leave the Vaal Triangle & it’s growing skate scene. In my point of view I had done my part in inspiring the younger generation to carve their own path using my initiative as a platform to elevate the Vaal skate scene. Forever young? That physically is impossible but the spirit I have for skateboarding is & hope that the Vaal skate scene will elevate to the point where infrastructure will be in place, that I believe will happen.  Personally I did everything for skateboarding cause I love of it, not for recognition nor monetary rewards. The fact the skateboarding in Africa is still growing, only a small percentage of skateboarders manage to make a suitable living out of the culture & in future the number will grow where skater will receive salaries. Evermore, skateboarding’s life lessons can input positively in regards monetary, life and professional attributes across all walks of business & society outside of skateboarding.


I recently acquired occupation from a retail accounts management company named IRAM & the job entails engaging with various customers and clients from diverse ethnicities. Being a street skater honestly prepared me more for this job than my educational background ever did, I could say a practical examation of some sorts. Trial & error challenges to overcome which need creativity and can physically be daunting, sometimes leaves me in a position where at times I rarely get a chance to grab a proper skate session so i just suffice for brief kick push around is enough to clear the mind after a long 8 to 5 shift.


I am not yet at that point where I will be saying “dude I used to skate”, however growing up is a part of life we have no control. Priorities alter as time flies by, but my skate bucket list is not complete yet as I’m to put out a visual project soon when I get a chance to shred & film. Being a pro skater aka a progressive skater is still alive & well, in fact it came to life the day I set foot on a board. So I say to the youth of Africa keep dream, believing & contributing to the African skate scene. My skate life story hasn’t ended yet, the chapters following still need to be written whilst I explore my #AlternateUniverse further…and to those who have supported my contributions throughout I would like to convey my deepest gratitude, there is still more coming from this dude.

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