Maputo Skate Goes Against Drugs And Alcohol In Schools – Event Recap

oneThe Maputo Skate Association organized its 1st Event under the Skate and Education Program against Drugs and Alcohol in the School. The event took place at Filipe Samuel Magaia Elementary School Saturday, May 12, 2018 from 1:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

A way of diversifying activities and lack of space for other urban activities to manifest themselves. We had as attraction in this event the Equilibrium Table – Sugarolas presented by Milofa and Folami Vinho. And the free style with the ball with Yuran Faizal representing the Moz Street Style.


Before starting with the skateboard competition Francisco Vinho event organizer presented his speech on the evils that drugs and alcohol can cause for youth. He spoke of the need to organize more events of this nature so that youth stay away from the evils that society offers.


The competition of Best Trick Junior was attended by 5 skateboarders where the winner was the 12-year-old Azarias António Júnior.

The most anticipated competition took place next Big Ollie to establish the Mozambican record. Twelve (12) skaters participated where the results were as follows:


1.Joel Timana – 88.0cm,

  1. Perculio Rapulia – 83.0cm,
  2. José Munde – 78.0cm,
  3. Osvaldo Simião – 78.0cm,
  4. Noel Cossa – 68.0cm,
  5. Teotónio dos Muchangos – 63.0cm,
  6. Miló Tomás Bela – 58.0cm,
  7. Dilton Horácio – 58.0cm,
  8. Isac Milton – 45.0cm,
  9. Silvér Victor – 45.0cm,
  10. António Chapopa – 45.0cm,
  11. Azarias António – 45.0cm

Percinio Rapulia 2nd place big ollie (83.0cm)

Joel Timane set the record of 88.0cm tried the 93.0cm and did not succeed and the victory was already made. Joel Timana – 1st place big ollie competition (88.0cm)

The competition of Game of Skate had a participation of 10 skaters was so competitive challenge and the 1º Place was the Percinio Rapulia and the 2º Place the Noel Cossa. Percinio Rapulia 1st place Game of Skate and Noell Cossa 2nd place Game of Skate

There was public support that surpassed the specs of the event’s production and was more motivated to seek support for more events to take place.

Here are the whole bunch of shots, will be adding more



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