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Arap Skate Weekend Nights Nairobi – Episode 02.

Watch the Episode 02Capture of Victor, Ian and Neville! Thanks to Leo Kilel for producing these series. Advertisements

Donate For Skate Is Gearing For Morocco, North Africa.

Donate For Skate is a Florida, US Based collection site for used/unwanted skateboarding parts; gears and completes to the kids living in underpriviledged skate communities. This initiative is run by miss Jenna Hirt who deliver them. Past August 12th 2017 Donate For Skate delivered 46 set of skateboards to Thaba Nchu Skatepark and Community in ...

Kimberlarities Visited De Aar Skatepark Past Weekend!

Kimberley is a famous old mining town, the home of the famous Kimberley Diamond Hole - Hand Dug. The Kimberly Community is popular among best skateboarding communities across South Africa and over the continent. Its the home of the Kumba Skate Plaza, an International Standard Skatepark with history of hosting the famous Kimberley Diamond Cup ...


Arap Skate Weekend Nights Nairobi – Episode 01.

Watch the Intro Series Capture of Ian and Tony! Thanks to Leo Kilel for producing these series.

#Recap Ghana Skateboarding League Match Day 1.

Results Browse some shots Joshua Ganyobi took 15 scores home! He warns the fellows to stay put for he has no plans to get out of number 1.