Hear from JUJU On his “Suit ties and $$$$” | Julien Bachelier

ASD: What is your name, and how Old are you? Julien: BACHELIER JULIEN , 37 YEARS OLD ASD: Do you have a skatename! And what do you do in skateboarding? Julien: Nope , my friends call me JUJU ASD: How long have you been skateboarding? Julien: Since 1989 ASD: How your work in skateboarding did ...

Coming Soon | A Talk With Alec Beck – Programs Manager at Tony Hawk Foundation

On November 1st at 1000GMT. We will bring you the Interview we did with Alec Beck, 18 years old on skateboarding. Alec is also Programs Manager at Tony Hawk Foundation. Keep Following Africa Skateboarding Diary for Inspiring and Interactive Interviews which helps to Inspire Africa Skateboarders and connect skateboarding in Africa to the World. Grow ...


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