Kimberlarities Visited De Aar Skatepark Past Weekend!

Kimberley is a famous old mining town, the home of the famous Kimberley Diamond Hole - Hand Dug. The Kimberly Community is popular among best skateboarding communities across South Africa and over the continent. Its the home of the Kumba Skate Plaza, an International Standard Skatepark with history of hosting the famous Kimberley Diamond Cup ...

Arap Skate Weekend Nights Coming Soon!

From monday September 18th 2017! We shall republish Arap Skate Weekend Nights Nairobi Series! These episodes reflect the life of skateboarders and how they interact! We are proud to see all great work that is being done by Leonard Kilel with his friends such as David Mwangi, Victor Murage, Kelvin and many other skateboarders in ...


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