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  • 10 Questions With Dr. Purple Teeth

    10 Questions With Dr. Purple Teeth

    Hi Dr Purple Teeth, I have seen you filming couple skaters and I would love to hear your skateboarding story? Yes I’ve been filming for over 20yrs. That is almost my age, am 26! What made you to start filming 20 years ago? I started skating in 1992 and got a camera in 1996. I…

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  • “O’Neil it is, but Nyjah is the beast” – Abuy Talk It With Us!

    “O’Neil it is, but Nyjah is the beast” – Abuy Talk It With Us!

    Well.. so would you brief tell us about who you are! and your skateboarding history My name is Abubakar Juma Amour, am 19 by age, a student from Feza school, form |V|. I started skateboarding when I was 15, since then ts been a part of my life, it has shown me they way not…

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  • A Talk With Rado Kely

    A Talk With Rado Kely

    Rado Kely is a name that you should have heard of before. He is one of the best skateboarders in Madagascar. He is 19 years old and he started skateboarding in 2009. How did you start skateboarding? Firstly, I really love sensation and so when I was on the board on first time I feel…

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  • Skateboarding: Road To Tokyo 2020

    Skateboarding: Road To Tokyo 2020

      As the debate goes on and the civil war among skateboarders around the world is getting bigger and bigger, and as we are all waiting for the International Olympic committee to make the final decision, it’s time that we all ask ourselves why few skateboarders don’t want skateboarding into Olympic.   Many reports says…

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  • Skateboarding In Ghana with J Ganyobi

    Skateboarding In Ghana with J Ganyobi

    Would you briefly tell me about who you are? And what do you do exactly? My real name is Joshua Tetteh Odamtten but you can call me J Ganyobi Odamtten; J stands for Joshua and the Ganyobi is just a nickname that describes me as where I came from as a Ghanaian and the tribe am…

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  • 10Qns with TjRogers on #ASDMeetPros

    10Qns with TjRogers on #ASDMeetPros

    Interviewed By Augustine Rutasingwa | Pictures By RedBull Can you tell us brief about yourself? (Name, Skatename, Age, and Your residence) Tj Rogers, 24 years old, currently living in Huntington Beach CA Who are your sponsors? Blind skateboards, Tensor Trucks, Bones Wheels, Red Dragon Apparel, Redbull Canada, Nike SB (flow), Diamond Hardware, Grizzly Griptape, Oc Ramps,

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