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Africa Skateboarding Diary Talks With Pedro | Pope

Written By Headquarter ASD: Well Pedro, where do you live? do you have a skatename? Pope: I, I live in Valencia, Spain. Yes my friends call me pope ASD: What do you do in skateboarding industry? Pope: I represent several brands skating for them, taking pictures, videos and other advertising ASD: Are you sponsored? Pope: ...


Interviews | Christophe duguesclin – Mauritius

Written By Headquarter | Credits Goes to PO!! Distribution, Ms. Melody, and Street Celebrity Tour ASD: Hi, Whats your name man? Christophe: Christophe Duguesclin ASD: Yeah Christophe which country are you repping on sk8? Christophe: Mauritius ASD: What is happening there in Mauritius? do you have a nickname? Christophe: Hmm just christophe .. ASD: How ...

Interviews | Thierry Finet – Third Winner Of Africa Street Skateboarding Championships

Written By Headquarter | Africa Skateboarding Diary ASD: Well Thierry we met at KDC 2015, is that your real name? Thierry: Yes its my real name Thierry Finet ASD: For how long have you been on a skateboard? Thierry: I start Skateboarding since 5years now I got my first board on December 2009 In Christmas ...