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  • Skateistan| A project in South Africa brings Hope

    Skateistan| A project in South Africa brings Hope

    Recently our co-founder Usama Ahmed join Mike Chinner from Kimberley Diamond Cup and visited the project in Johannesburg, South Africa by Skateistan. Usama is among very few hard working skateboarding activists in Africa. For years he has been working with various group of people to help growing skateboarding growing inn Africa starting in Tanzania. In…

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  • Skateparks Review | Don Bosco Skatepark, Dodoma-Tanzania.

    Written by Headquarter Don Bosco Skatepark was built and funded by Skate Aid, Germany Based NGO through Don Bosco Missionaries In Tanzania. This facility was built after Kintale Skatepark (Uganda) and then it was followed by Shangilia Skatepark (Nairobi, Kenya) Currently this is the Only Skatepark in Tanzania and a home of more than 100…

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