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How to 360-Shuv It With Ian Madekurozwa

Ian Madekurozwa is a Zambian born Skateboarder whom for the past 2 years has been growing very rapidly in stance and balance. We at African Skateboarding Diary in partnership with Doyen Skate Shop and I'M A Clothing are happy to present these series of tutorials that he does.


Nyjah Huston, a role model to Innocent Sichande – Zambian Skateboarder.

Welcome, brief tell us about you? I am innocent sichande from Zambia, am 17 years old and a Skateboarder. Do you have a nickname? Not really but they used to call me board ripper because I used to skate a lot of HUDs which is quite a weak board and it used to snap all ...

Charles kaluya |Tells About Skateboarding In Zambia

Africa Skateboarding Diary: Welcome at Africa Skateboarding Diary, brief tell us about you? Charles: My names are Charles Kaluya Lungu, I'm 18 years old and I'm a skateboarder from Lusaka, Zambia. I'm goofy and I've been skateboarding for about 6 years How was 6 years to you? Charles: Fun... Although my country got its first ...

Skateshops Review | Doyen Skate Shop Zambia

Written By Headquarter Doyen Skate Shop from Lusaka, Zambia promotes underground talents and empower the youth to pass on skateboarding to the next generation . Striving to move skateboarding and all other extreme sports from an underground and unrecognized perspective to one that is recognized and respected by Zambian community, Africa and the whole World.Setting ...