Neo Nemo In Kimberley, A Sparkling Skateboarding City.

Nomena Rakotomanga is a skateboarder, photographer and filmer from Madagascar. His friends named him Nemo and we believe he assumed the name Neo which means New or Start. He assumed this after being baptised into skateboaridng world. Now he is famous known as Neo Nemo.

In October 2nd to 15th 2016 he visited Kimberley, a sparkling town of skateboarding with natural beauty of her city.

Neo said, “In Madagasacar, I love to take photos and make skate videos with my homies, I love it because at the same time I can spend time with them, even if i don’t skate, i take photos and videos, I really like the life in the street because its not a common life, I mean, even if it the same place, the moment is always different! Skate life allows me to understand that you don’t need lot of things , just you, your board, the street and some skate friends, what else…and the camera to freeze the moment”

Here are few pictures that he captured while in Kimberley featuring best skaters in the region; Damian Bramley, Kayha and Warrick. Also on his way back to Madagascar Neo stopped in Cape Town where he met with Jonathan Toto and took best pictures.

Tailslide by Damian Bramley in Kimberley
360flip by Jonathan Toto in Cape Town
Kickflip Transfer by Warrick in Kimberley
Nose Manual by Jonathan Toto in Cape Town




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