Africa is ready for the first SPEED SADAC CHAMPIONSHIP!

Angola Skateboarding Union (ASU) has been busy with the local skating in Angola. Under the leadership of Jesse Mendes they quenched the thirty for the skatepark a year ago. A partnership with Concrete Jungle Foundation and Newline Skateparks gave birth to the first skatepark in Angola.
So far in 2020 ASU hasn’t sleep around and they are going regional wise! and push the Africa skateboarding scene. They decided the best way we can do this is by hosting a African Skateboarding championship.
SPEED SADAC CHAMPIONSHIP is an African multinational skate event that brings
skaters of different African countries to share their experiences and challenge each other through skateboarding while building youth unity within African nations.
SPEED SADAC CHAMPIONSHIP is a weekend event that offers African Skaters the
opportunity to explore Africa while doing what they love skateboarding.
The event will take place on Febuary  14 , 15 and 16 of 2020 at the Luanda Skatepark located in Golf 2 Villa Estoril Angola.
The Goal behind SPEED SADAC CHAMPIONSHIP is to bring about African youth
development with Sports in Africa while growing the African skateboarding scene
for African skateboarders. This Goal offers African Skateboarders exposure to new
skateboarding environments within Africa and also builds unity within the African
Nations SPEED SADAC CHAMPIONSHIP is an event to grow African Skateboarding.
ASU hosted a Qualifier event called SKATE BATTLE 2 which Nilton Caravlho won he will be the representative of Angola during the Speed SADC Championship .

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