10 Questions With Dr. Purple Teeth

Hi Dr Purple Teeth, I have seen you filming couple skaters and I would love to hear your skateboarding story?

Yes I’ve been filming for over 20yrs.

That is almost my age, am 26! What made you to start filming 20 years ago?

I started skating in 1992 and got a camera in 1996.

I had friends I skated with and I spent most of my time filming them. After they got there tricks I would have them film me for a few hours since I wasn’t as consistent as them.

How was it like being a skater in the early 1990s?

Amazing it wasn’t commercialized like it is now.

Totally agree on this. Skateboarding now is more of business than a culture! Any effects into local scene where you grew from?

I grew up about 10 minutes from Pat Channita who use to ride for PlanB. I still skate with him.

Such a long time brotherhood. So what has evidently changed on 2000s?

There was no social media. You had to wait for a video to cone out. Then you would go to your local skateshop to purchase it etc. There was no online at that time to go buy something on Amazon 😎

What a life? So going to old time friends, who are they?

Chet Thomas who I filmed a lot back in the day. Pat Channita

Brad Hayes. A lot but I still keep in contact.

Any memories with them in a skate road trip?

Several my first trip was with Chet Thomas we went to Montreal Canada and met up with Corey Sheppard. That was my first trip out of the states. Then we went to Australia for 2 weeks less than a year later.

Any experience visiting Africa?

Yes I did visit South Africa with my wife and that was incredible. We stayed in Johannesburg in Mandela square for a few days which was an experience. Then we went to kapama reserve and stayed in a hotel in the gaming reserve for 4-5 days can’t remember. We did morning and evening safaris it was incredible. The people were very welcoming and I felt like I was at home. I would definitely go back to visit.

Do you film anything else?

No just skateboarding that’s it.

When I started out filming every session was a learning experience. I looked up to videographers like TIm Dowling and Ty Evans. I was always my biggest critic and I still am today. I currently use the GoPro to film skateboarding as it enables me to film in a way that I was not possible before. I’m always thinking of creative ways to showcase skateboarding through cinematography. This will always be my passion.

Anything to tell the African skaters?

Tell the African skaters that hard work pays off and to never give up on your dreams. I got nothing but love for you guys.


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