“Smile, be patient, take deep breaths” – Advice from Alec Beck | Tony Hawk Foundation


ASD: What is your name, and how old are you?

Alec: Alec Beck, 27

ASD: Do you have a skatename! And what do you do in skateboarding?

Alec: Abeck. Skate and film, Programs manager at the Tony Hawk Foundation

ASD: How long have you been skateboarding?

Alec: 18 years

ASD: How your work in skateboarding did start?

Alec: Skatepark Advocate for Stoner Plaza and the West LA Courthouse


ASD: Did skateboarding change your personality?

Alec: Yes, more open to different “types” of people. More perseverance and courage.

ASD: What do you say about children and youths interaction in your community with skateboarding?

Alec: It is a powerful way for children to find confidence in themselves with support and wisdom from their local community members.

ASD: “Skateboarding Is not a crime” what can you say about this phrase?

Alec: I agree. But I think we need to move past this phrase.


ASD: What are your views on skateboarding in next 5 years?

Alec: Solid growth, more skateparks, girls are becoming more prevalent, Olympics.

ASD: What do you say about skateboarding at the park and street?

Alec: Either way. Fun is fun

ASD: Skateboarding in Africa grows as a mushroom does this happen also in your place?

Alec: Yes, but the mushroom was here before I got here.

ASD: What advice can you give to young skateboarders?

Alec: Smile, be patient, take deep breaths.


ASD: What is your favorite skateboarding event and why?

Alec: Exposure. The world’s biggest skate competition.

ASD: Skateboarding is a future, what can you tell Africa skaters?

Alec: Visualize more parks, skate a lot! Have fun!

ASD: Well, lets close this with any funny experience you have on skateboarding.

Alec: Tony Hawk has been my favorite for a long time and now I work for his foundation. I guess it isn’t funny, but it’s cool and interesting to say the lease.


ASD: Thank you for your time keep spreading about Africa Skateboarding Diary! Share the #skatediary


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