“O’Neil it is, but Nyjah is the beast” – Abuy Talk It With Us!

IMG_6372.JPGWell.. so would you brief tell us about who you are! and your skateboarding history

My name is Abubakar Juma Amour, am 19 by age, a student from Feza school, form |V|.
I started skateboarding when I was 15, since then ts been a part of my life, it has shown me they way not to give up things and keep trying for whatever the case is.


Through your 4 years into skateboarding what is your major achievement, how does it feel to you?
My major achievements are
1-learning how to concentrate on one thing in life same as concentrating on doing a trick

2-learning how to not give up on things such as studies same as not giving up while trying a new trick

3- Having different perspectives on life

4- meeting new people and seeing different type of culture
It feels different whenever my feet grasp my board

So last May you won first FGL stop in Tanzania, how does that feel to you
It feels amazing, its like my hard work pays off

So does studies affect your skating
Yes they do! Positively though
Since it opens my mind on understanding of different staffs as well as giving one more infinity try to any hard question after all I’ve learned that from skateboarding

Talk about your fav skater

Shane O’Neil he’s one best inspiration on my skate life though
Nyja Huston is one beast that knows how to win it all.

hahahah… so what dreams do you have

One of my dream is to see skateboarding grows up in Tanzania as well as Africa, I wanna see parks flooding with youth having best trick, I wanna see skate shop along corners of streets, and competitions after periods of time without forgetting I to be d best

Thats great! so what is your perspective on skateboarding in Africa in general

In some countries skateboarding is growing up rapidly and some countries yet they have known idea on what skateboarding can bring about changes to the society and views of youths


If you get to choose a pro event, which one would you chose?

Ooh! Am not so competent but I would like to be in African Champion League and a game of skate battle at the berrics

Thats great dude! Anyway do you have any funny story to share

Oh! I remember one of my worst fall, It felt like shit coming out. We were learning some quarter pipe trick with my skate buddy,I was trying a drop in for the first time, I fell down with my ribs first and I suddenly felt thirsty like haven’t drink water for the whole day and I had no idea in what direction my board was!

Cool Chat with you Abuy!

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