Hurray! FGL April 2018 went down Yesterday in Tanzania

Ms. Salma aka Sista Dada doing amazing FGL Graffiti Painting during Intermission.

Flat Ground League FGL is a prestigious program that started as a skateboarding program and grew into something bigger. The event is meant to run simultaneously contests on African countries without well established spots to skateboarding. On her early days in 2017 the program debuted with contests in Tanzania, Angola, Mozambique and Zambia.

Supporters cheering at skateboarders during the FGL Angola in 2017

After 1 year the program has changed the philosophy and has opened Doors to many. On the second Edition in February 2018 FGL for the first time featured BMX and Roller skaters read here

Fr. Joachim (right) giving prizes to Cyril (Winner Roller Skating) on the FGL February 2018. He is also our Patron.

On April 28th 2018 the Third FGL Edition went down in Tanzania and uniquely featured HipHop Artists and Graffiti as well as BMX Contest and Roller Blade Show. The program also grabbed local attention after being joined by famous Graffiti Artist, Mejah Mbuya who is also a serving UWABA Leader and HipHop Mogul as well. In addition an amazing crowd of cheerful spectators gave power, energy and love to the contestants.

Dj Seckylito mixing amazing vibes, she is also a roller skater.


The FGL started with series of free rap battles and later we spun into BMX Qualifiers which were grouped into Brake and Brakeless and featured a total of 12 BMX Riders. They hard stomped the court and pulled amazing stunts not to be missed.

Awadhi, BMX Brake Winner – FGL Tanzania April 2018

Well at the end Awadhi won the title for BMX Brake Stunts and Muksin kept his crown by wining street BMX – Brakeless. The final between Muksin and Mohanna was hard and they scored 84.02 and 83.98 respectively, a very slight wining!



Abubakar Amour from Zanzibar Island won the Skateboarding Division. More story to come soon…

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